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What We Do

Leash Work

Working on basic obedience and leash manners. For all ages 12 weeks and up. Focusing on sit, down, stay, place work, and heel.

Off Leash and Boundaries

More advance training dealing with off leash work and focusing on boundaries such as door ways and in the house.


Working on recall off leash and building a trust and relationship with your dog and adding everyday distractions and impulse control.

About Me

My name is Savannah Reese. 24 years old. I am a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College and also have a secondary certification focusing on dog behavior. I have been actively training for 6 years and have a strong passion for what I do.  My technique is positive reinforcement and building a strong relationship with your companion to have them grow with you and be eager to learn.

My passion for training grew when I adopted my pup, Mika, who is a pit bull mix. I have had her sine she was 6 weeks old. She has been an incredible dog to have and work with and our bond reflects this. I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

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